South Fork Conservancy Native Field Guide

Our field guide highlights the rich native plant life found along the banks of Peachtree Creek. The guide shares the location and stories of the creek’s native flora found along our trails.

Celebrating Georgia’s rich diversity of riverine plants, the guide describes 11 standout species that were reintroduced by South Fork Conservancy volunteers. One such plant is the Yaupon holly, the only caffeinated plant native to North America. The Yaupon has also been used in native American purification and coming-of-age traditions, leading to its scientific name: Ilex vomitoria. The guide contains a map, image and description of the Yaupon. We are grateful to the Peachtree Garden Club for providing support for the project. Many of the field guide’s stunning illustrations come from the collection of the Cherokee Garden Library at the Atlanta History Center. Click the image to download your own copy of the guide. Fold along the dotted lines so the guide fits perfectly in your pocket.