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Festive Friday at Zonolite Park

Come to Zonolite Park on Friday, May 2nd for Festive Friday: A Zonolite Road Experience, featuring live music, complimentary cocktails, beer and wine provided by Georgia Crown, yummy nibbles by a number of area restaurants, as well as exhibits and open houses by a number of Zonolite Road Merchants and neighborhood organizations.

The South Fork Conservancy will be tabling and be sure to bring a buck or two to donate to Nickel Bottom Garden, a community garden in development in Zonolite Park. We're raising funds to build a toolshed for our future community garden (which we hope will be installed later this year, after some nominal grading and site work is complete as part of a state grant we were awarded last year!)

Events take place in the parking lot behind 1145 Zonolite Road, and at the dead-end of Zonolite Place, near Motorcar Studio (1164 Zonolite Place.)