Pollinator Meadow Kick-Off Volunteer Event

Join Trees Atlanta and The South Fork Conservancy in efforts to convert an open space along the Confluence Trail into a pollinator meadow composed of native grasses and wildflowers! We will prepare the site for planting using a technique called solarization, an alternative to spraying herbicide that removes existing vegetation.

We will spread and secure a clear, greenhouse fabric across the entire area to be planted. Left in place for about 8 weeks, the fabric will accelerate heating of the soil, killing weed seeds, nematodes, and other plant pathogens.

Come out to work with us on this project right out of the gates!

Please wear close-toed shoes. Hats and water recommended!

To get more information and to volunteer, please email  tom(at)southforkconservancy.org

September 21
Volunteer Monday
September 28
Volunteer Monday