July's Headwater Highlights

The Promise Of The Confluence Revealed

The Glade on the Confluence trail 

The Glade on the Confluence trail 

What a difference a year can make.  Where once privet, vines, weeds and underbrush choked the Confluence Trail (also known as the Cedar Chase Trail), there is a wonderful stillness framed by birdsong. In the middle of this peacefulness a community is growing!

Walking down the footpath, the South Fork of Peachtree Creek unexpectedly reveals itself to you on your left… a few steps further the path widens, revealing an inviting open space to your left- we call it the glade. However, just one year ago, the glade (and much of the trail) was obstructed by years of invasive plant growth.

“We used to walk on the trail before any work was done,” recalls Donna Davis, president of the Cedar Chase Condominium Association. “It was a wild tangle of underbrush and we didn’t have any way to restore the canopy.”

Thanks to Trees Atlanta and dedicated South Fork volunteers, this is no longer the case. Where invasive privet and vines once reigned, now young native trees point skyward.  Last fall saw the planting of $10,000 worth of saplings on the Confluence Trail, courtesy of NASCAR and CSX grants.

“This work has changed things on the trail,” says Donna. “It creates a promise where before there was a hope, and you can really see something happening. Now whenever I go down, I always see people- before the restoration, you didn’t really. Now they are going because it’s a semi-managed area while also being a natural green space in the city.

This summer’s lush growth has its challenges. After noticing a massive growth of vines threatening the saplings, Donna’s partner, Perry Kentrail, quickly cut them back. A couple of weeks later, Celia Lismore led a group of Accenture volunteers into the glade with swing blades.  See the picture above! Help us keep the promise of this restoration- let us know if you can help raise these saplings. 



Doe, A Deer Meets Bob The Beaver

Deer frolicking at Zonolite Park

Deer frolicking at Zonolite Park

First there was Bob the Beaver and co, then along came the turtles, ducks, and foxes… the number of animal sightings on South Fork trails only continues to increase. This time, neighbor Bob Scott spots a family of deer strolling down Armand Road, bound for the Confluence Trail.

Watching the thunderstorm from my front window just now,” emails Bob. “Three deer at the intersection of Armand Road and Cardova Drive!”

And he’s not the only one. Other neighbors responded in kind, saying that they too have enjoyed the presence of the local deer in recent weeks. Prepare a nice habitat and they will come!  Let us know when see new members of our growing family. 

Posted on July 23, 2014 .