Resolution Honors Martha Porter Hall

The South Fork Conservancy has honored board member Martha Porter Hall for her extraordinary leadership chairing the 2016 Creek Rising Committee. Under her guidance, the event raised more funds than ever before. The resolution follows:





WHEREAS, Martha Hall joined the Board of Directors of the South Fork Conservancy with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and a passion for the mission of the SFC; and


WHEREAS, The South Fork Conservancy relies on the “Creek Rising Party” as a major fund raising tool; and


WHEREAS, Martha Hall accepted the challenge of helming a project unlike any in her environmental, city planning, zoning, and public spaces organizer experience; and


WHEREAS, Martha Hall worked tirelessly with her husband Van and a small group of volunteers to lay the foundation for a successful enterprise; and


WHEREAS, Martha Hall successfully negotiated the obstacles associated with a major leadership transition; and


WHEREAS, Martha Hall was effective in attracting major corporate sponsors and individual donors; and


WHEREAS, Martha Hall, aided by her band of volunteers, was successful in influencing, the suppliers, the local businesses, the participants themselves, and even the weather; and


WHEREAS, The 2016 Creek Rising Party was the most successful fund raising event in the history of the South Fork Conservancy.


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of the South Fork Conservancy commends Martha Porter Hall for her unselfish and untiring dedication and service to the people of Atlanta and the mission of the South Fork Conservancy.


            Adopted this 16th day of June, 2016


Posted on June 21, 2016 .