A New Kind of Path Along the Creek

Part of the planned Cheshire Farm Trail extension runs underneath the I-85/GA-400 overpass, just to the east of Adina Drive. This trail is within the floodway and must be constructed in a way that will resist erosion while not interfering with the flow of the creek.

While it is a challenging place to build, a new Creek Walk Connector will allow trail users to walk from the North Fork to the South Fork along the creekbanks. The Connector will be a hard-surface trail designed to withstand creek overflow and facilitate safe, comfortable passage along the Cheshire Farm Trail. Once finished, the Creek Walk Connector will bring people from the Atlanta Beltline and PATH 400, to the rest of South Fork’s nature trails.


Pathways beneath overpasses are a critical tool for trail connectivity. The concrete path pictured at left, running through the Canal Landing Park in Fayetteville, NY (image from Central New York Hiking (CNY-Hiking)), illustrates what the Creek Walk Connector will ultimately look like. The Connector is one of the major parts of South Fork Conservancy’s plans to connect our northernmost trails; upon completion it will help create a unified path between the Cheshire Farm, Meadow Loop, and Confluence trails.


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