Meadow Loop Restoration


The Meadow Loop is a lovely creekside area planted with dozens of butterfly-friendly plants. This area will be highly trafficked when construction of the Creek Walk Connector is underway. After the Connector is in place, we will be using this opportunity to replant and restore even more native species throughout the meadow and to build a simple boardwalk along muddy areas of the trail.

During the work on the Creek Walk Connector, the meadow will become – briefly – a critical staging ground for equipment and an essential access point for trail installation. In the long term, however, South Fork Conservancy has much bigger plans for the meadow. There are many invasive species still crowding out natives along parts of this trail; we plan on increasing native habitat and supporting wildlife in the meadow once the trail work is complete. That way both human hikers and Atlanta’s native wildlife can have a space to breathe.

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